JT580 and JT630

A New Generation of Compost Turners for professional operations

Innovative rotor design. Highly efficient and gentle on materials.

And consequently – A TURN FOR THE BETTER

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eTurner E380 and E530

The world´s first Battery Powered, Electric Compost Turners

Optimum treatment due to new drum design. Emission-free, semi-autonomous operation.

Just fully and completely – A TURN FOR THE BETTER

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Your Resource for

Recycling of Organic Material Streams

If sustainable, intelligent and efficient turning technology is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place.


JT RecTec

Your specialist for turning equipment

Our goal at JT RecTec is to work with each customer individually to develop and implement custom-fit solutions.

As a young and innovative company, we specialize in self-propelled turners for organic waste composting, biological drying and microbial soil remediation.

We are happy to help with your project needs large or small!

60 years of experience

Jens Wiechmann and Thomas Hölscher have over 60 years of combined professional experience in the fields of Composting, Biological Drying and Microbial Soil Remediation.

No matter what feedstock material you want to process. No matter in which climate, or on which continent. We provide a broad range of experience and work together with industry experts worldwide.

Contact us if you are looking for powerful and at the same time economical windrow turning equipment.

Sustainability and Environmental Protection

From waste to product

Biogenic waste is a valuable material and a potential source of income. Its processing makes a sustainable contribution to recycling and waste management. Economical process flow and high quality processing equipment assure a valuable finished product. Our products are beneficial and help our customers to ensure a better environment.

eTurner-Electric Innovation-

The eTurner makes an important contribution on the composting of biogenic waste materials. And provides maximum efficiency without the need for fossil fuels.

  • Radio controlled with semi-autonomous functions
  • No greenhouse gas emissions
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • EV technology assures huge maintenance savings
  • Unmatched Efficiency
  • Traditional/Solar Charging available

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JT580 and JT630

We see the turner for windrow composting as more than just a machine. With proper use and with the right tools on board, it ensures process-optimized treatment and produces top quality products.

  • Gentle treatment of the process material thanks to the latest rotor generation
  • The innovative rotor configuration significantly reduces unwanted shredding of impurities
  • and thanks to speed reduction provides up to 20% fuel savings with increasing turning capacity
  • Savings in wear costs
  • Savings in maintenance costs
  • Complete process control thanks to pre-installed operating modes

Brochure Technical Data

We are offering attractive dealer opportunities!

JT RecTec will work in partnership with you to grow your business and provide you with the tools and guidance you need to succeed.

    We offer:

  • Innovative and highly competitive compost turners for organic waste recycling
  • Over 60 years of accumulated know how and experience in the composting industry
  • Extensive consulting and support to meet the needs of an expanding market
  • Exclusive partnerships by territory
  • Extensive training and support for your sales and service team
  • Technical sales
  • If you are looking to expand your business and want to add another product line, contact us today!

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132 renowned design experts from over 20 countries say:

    A windrow turner concept for the composting of any organic waste, which takes up the last decades of stagnated market development and takes composting from a radical new perspective. Without a cabin, the machine works through the material autonomously…

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Expertise at your service

You are interested in learning more about our eTurner- and JT-models?

Do you have questions about aerobic windrow processing?

Are you looking for new or used machines for the processing of biogenic waste materials?

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Development and Production

With the help of our development partners, ideas and thoughts are transformed into reality. Keeping an ear to the market and the constant exchange of ideas enables us to better develop turners in a customer-oriented manner not only for the user, but developed together with the user.

  • What else can a turner do besides turning?
  • What about an autonomous windrow turner?
  • What about Climate-Friendly drive technologies

Are all important topics on our developement agenda.
International Sales


Constant contact with customers around the world.
We specialize in:

  • Expert Process and Application Knowledge
  • High degree of consulting experience
  • Experience with customer-oriented solutions
International Sales

We look forward
to hearing from you

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us directly by phone, or e-mail.  You are also welcome to fill out the form below or send an e-mail to info@jt-rectec.com.